Open a bank account with PAYPAL

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Suggest to open a bank account with PAYPAL on the Internet to easy facilitate transactions on the Internet

The guide for open Paypal account is as follows:

1. Click when clicked do not wrok / selection with the mouse and copy (ctrl + C) host address above to enable the next Internet Explorer (IE browser or whatever) and then at the address paste (ctrl + V)

2. Find and click on “Sign Up Today!”

3. Then, fill out the form correctly and follow it until the finish

Is it easy.. right??

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.



Increase Bandwidth Internet for Windows

Basically OS Windows has been limited the bandwidth for internet connection as the rate of 20% from totally of bandwidth should be can maximum.

But if you want to increase of internet bandwidth in order to make fastest connection you can do by getting to cut down or to empty above bandwidth limited in order the windows can use there’s been bandwidth with over maximum

Follow the guide line in below

1. Click Start
2. Click Run
3. Type gpedit.msc
4. Then Click Ok
5. After in, Click Administrative Templates
6. And then Click Network
7. After opened Click QoS Packet scheduler
8. Then clik Limit Reservable Bandwidth
9. And after opened change the setting become Enable
10. and then change Bandwidth Limit become 0
11. Click Apply, ok
12. Then exit and Restart the computer

Sources: Internet

Increasing Bandwith via Mozila


This is tips and trick for increasing bandwidth via Mozilla Firefox

1). Open Mozilla Firefox Browser
2). in Address Bar type : ABOUT:CONFIG
3). seek string in below : ( Make sure that all below string “TRUE”)
Example to change :
NETWORK.HTTP.PIPELINING FALSE ==> Click right in mouse and change “Toggle”
4). Make new string, methode : Click left 1X everywhere, Click right NEW>>INTEGER
5). type : NGLAYOUT.INITIALPAINT.DELAY make value 0
6). and then REFRESH or press F5
7). in Address Bar type : ABOUT:BLANK
Click Menu:
For OS Linux ( Vector ) EDIT >> PREFERENCES
For difference Setting at several OS EDIT >>ADVANCED
9). in Option:
ALLOW WEB SITES TO INSTALL SOFTWARE give the mark Check Box to activate
10). And then press OK then REFRESH ( F5 )
11). put in this Link :
12).Download Software SwitchProxy Tool Versi 1.3.4
13).After finish, please don’t press knob UPDATE
14).Click mark X (closs) at top right corner from POP UP Window apper
15).Closed all Mozilla FireFox Browser,
16). Then re-open for active Software SwitchProxy Tool Versi 1.3.4 has Installed
17).If Installation Susses, will be appear additional Toolbar at bottom Toolbar Navigation & Address Bar.

Now Mozilla Firefox Browser ready to use

Note :

– This Software SwitchProxy Tool Versi 1.3.4 except for  change Proxy in Automatics at Mozilla FireFox Browser , The Engine will be influential of internet fastest connection
– Significant change in Internet connection with BROADBAND / VSAT.

Sources: many