Speed up booting Windows XP

You bored waiting for the process of booting? When you first install it already feels old. Moreover, if a lot of software already installed. There are ways to speed up booting on Windows XP, namely: Open notepad media and type del c:windowsprefetchntosboot-*.*/q and save as the name ntosboot.bat.



Press winkey + R or click start menu > Run, then type gpedit.msc >cklic ok. Then Continue reading


Road Trips with DVD Players

car-dvd-playerDVD players in the car have become one of the premier luxury features of any vehicle. There are several different ways of going about choosing a car DVD player, some of the best products such as Pioneer, Boss, Bravo, Clarion, etc is recommended to set in your car.

Car DVD players have become exceedingly popular with families with young kids. Having them in the mini-van, mini-bus, etc. are the perfect way to entertain children and adults alike on long and short road trips.

Also you can now install LCD screens for your system that are small as five inches up to 15 inches in your car. Screens are mounted right into the backs of seats or overhead (the screen folds down for viewing with the push of a button). Some screens are also available to be mounted up front in-dash.

A big advance in car DVD system audio is wireless headphones. If you’re a family on a road trip, this is optimal; the kids can be entertained for hours with the same movie they watch every time.portable-dvd-player

In addition to Car DVD Player, portable DVD players are also popular with the family set. These don’t have to be mounted in the car or anything. They are sold as a self-contained unit with screen, speakers, and DVD drive all in one. Headphones are easily plugged into a jack on the unit.

So impress your friends and entertain your family with your DVD player system this holiday season and make enjoy your trip in your car

Widget Installation In WordPress

WordPress is a blogging application ready to use and have popular in the Blogger among in the world. Not only easy to use, many good plugins, which you can install to embellish the Blog, is also one of the reasons why WordPress so popular.

In the tips and tricks this time, let’s learn to install the widget. It’s one of the most preferred features Blogger in WordPress with various goals. The Widget installation is not too difficult, WordPress capable to executing widget tag form of html, text or script.

How do all it can be done in WordPress? Let’s see the steps as follows:

  1. As usual, we handle it in the Dashboard blog (as control panel in WordPress). Sign in to the Admin page using the username and password that you have once previously registered. Make sure you are in the Admin page in your own blog.
  2. Next we go to Presentation -> Widgets (widgets is available if the template you use allows to install a widget, if not, you can not install a widget in your blog).
  3. Then set the widget with drag (pull) use by mouse on the available widget on in the bottom of the box to the name sidebar 1. If successful, the widget was a drag will be moving from place to the bottom of the box name Sidebar 1. Select the widgets anywhere you want, and set the position.
  4. For widgets with html tags, how is:
  • Select widget with the name Text 1. Drag the widget to the box with the name of the sidebar 1.
  • After widget Text 1 move to the Sidebar 1. click Configure, the menu can be seen as the image below:

configure* Then will appear Pop-Up with two empty boxes. Top box is for the title Widgetnya (eg: Official widget). The second box is to enter the html code.
* After entering the html code, click the X button on the pop up and then click save changes.
* Done. Check back your blog, what is widget installed has appeared.