File Extension DOCX

When you find or receive a file with extension DOCX in your computer that is a file of ms office word document 2007, The file extension DOCX is the default format of new Microsoft Word 2007 text editor. The file extension DOCX is associated with Microsoft Word Office documents from 2007 (Office 12) on. The X has been added to the end to denote that the files are now in Open XML format.

For users of Microsoft Word for word processing user, they are probably familiar with the Word document file extension doc. Microsoft  Office 2007 changed the default file extension of Word from the well-known file extension doc to docx. Previous file formats such as file extension doc were binary file formats, while file extension docx is based on Open XML format, developed by Microsoft. (Cybernet News) The extension docx file format is a “combination of XML architecture and ZIP compression for size reduction.” (Filext) The benefits of the new .docx file format are claimed to include better interoperability between users of multiple computer platforms, smaller file sizes and improved data management and recovery. “Any application that supports XML can access and work with data in the new file format. This application does not need to be part of the Microsoft Office system or even a Microsoft product.” (Technet Microsoft).microsoft-office-2007

When opening files with format DOCX, users are required to have installed the following programs: on the Windows operating system, users can use Oxygen Office Professional, Panergy docXConverter, Microsoft Word 2007, Word 2000 and 2003. On the Mac operating system, users can open files with the DOCX file format on Apple Pages, Microsoft Word 2008 and Panergy docXConverter. It is important to appropriately associate these files so as to avoid experiencing inappropriate association errors.

But if Windows can not open file extension docx, there might be corrupted or missing registry files within your system. Why Windows Can not Open File Extension Docx? A majority of the failures in DOCX file formats and most of the other file extensions are registry problems. To help, we strongly recommend you to run registry scan and Drivers Update to Fix Your Computer Problems.

Windows Registry is a key aspect of your Windows operating system that oversees the operation of Windows. Without a clean organized registry, your Windows system is vulnerable to corruption, freezing, and crashing.
Correcting the computer registry will correct a lot of your conflicts in DOCX file extensions.


Widget Installation In WordPress

WordPress is a blogging application ready to use and have popular in the Blogger among in the world. Not only easy to use, many good plugins, which you can install to embellish the Blog, is also one of the reasons why WordPress so popular.

In the tips and tricks this time, let’s learn to install the widget. It’s one of the most preferred features Blogger in WordPress with various goals. The Widget installation is not too difficult, WordPress capable to executing widget tag form of html, text or script.

How do all it can be done in WordPress? Let’s see the steps as follows:

  1. As usual, we handle it in the Dashboard blog (as control panel in WordPress). Sign in to the Admin page using the username and password that you have once previously registered. Make sure you are in the Admin page in your own blog.
  2. Next we go to Presentation -> Widgets (widgets is available if the template you use allows to install a widget, if not, you can not install a widget in your blog).
  3. Then set the widget with drag (pull) use by mouse on the available widget on in the bottom of the box to the name sidebar 1. If successful, the widget was a drag will be moving from place to the bottom of the box name Sidebar 1. Select the widgets anywhere you want, and set the position.
  4. For widgets with html tags, how is:
  • Select widget with the name Text 1. Drag the widget to the box with the name of the sidebar 1.
  • After widget Text 1 move to the Sidebar 1. click Configure, the menu can be seen as the image below:

configure* Then will appear Pop-Up with two empty boxes. Top box is for the title Widgetnya (eg: Official widget). The second box is to enter the html code.
* After entering the html code, click the X button on the pop up and then click save changes.
* Done. Check back your blog, what is widget installed has appeared.

Accelerate Internet Connection

More tips on the Internet Connection Speed in Win XP and Vista

internet-speedDid you know that during this Bandwit we use Windows 20%? To take back our bandwidth and faster connection do the following:

Click Start,then Run and type gpedit.msc

In the Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – click on the Network.

Click Qos Packet Scheduler – double click on the Bandwidth Limit Reservable.

Click Enabled Reservable bandwidth and change the setting to 0 (zero)% after that click Apply and OK.

Restart your computer.

Note: But it also all depends on connection speed with your own. This tips can accelerate connection if you use the OS of Windows XP and Vista.

New Computer Virus was detected

alertA new virus has been found, Virus name is “HOAX” and classified by Microsoft as the most damaging! The new virus was found on last Sunday afternoon by McAfee, and have not found a vaccine for beat down.
This virus destructive Zero from the hard disc sector, which store functions of important data information. The virus is running as follows:
* The virus is automatically sent to all the names in your address list with the title “Une Carte Pour Vous or A Card For You;
* Once the virtual card is opened, the virus that will freeze the computer so that users must begin again, if you press the CTRL + ALT + DEL or command to restart, that the virus will damage the Zero from the Boot hard disk sector, so that the hard disk will be permanently damaged.

According to CNN, In few hours that the virus have been causing panic in New York. This warning was received by Microsoft’s own employees.
Do not open e-mail with the title “A virtual card for you” or “Une carte Virtuelle Pour Vous”.

Notification immediately to all your friends.
Do not accept contacts “pti_bout_de_” This is a virus that will format your computer.
If you do not do this but your friend enter in the address list, your computer will also be infected.

Sources: many (i.e Internet)

Tips and Tricks blog Moving (Import) in WordPress

wordpressFor some people, has many fair-blog is only fair, with one of the reasons for the possibility of getting a server can be down or lose it. Therefor the Blogger usually make back-up in order all people still can to access in the server or different website address.

Then, how to make easily move the Blog postings to the new for backup. For WordPress users, following below Tips and trick:

  • Log in to your WordPress Blog admin which the post will move, usually admin page in the folder /wp-admin.
  • After the page “logged in” appears, log in with your username ID and your password.
  • You will be directed to the blog Dashboard your WordPress.
  • chose Manage menu -> Export. For WordPress version 2.6 up, after directed to the Export page, click Download Export File. that will be asked you to save to your computer, save the file without changing the name. The file format as an XML format
  • The first stage is done, now you go to the admin page in your new wordpress blog.
  • Do as above steps well as point 1-3
  • Select the Manage menu -> Import -> Select WordPress for application web that will be imported, because now we are doing transplanted the blog from wordpress to wordpress.
  • You will be redirected to the wordpress import page. Browse the result save files in the stage one (XML file that you saved) and click upload the file and import.
  • Done. You have successfully move the posting in the old Blog to the new blog.

Congratulations for try.

Open a bank account with PAYPAL

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Suggest to open a bank account with PAYPAL on the Internet to easy facilitate transactions on the Internet

The guide for open Paypal account is as follows:

1. Click when clicked do not wrok / selection with the mouse and copy (ctrl + C) host address above to enable the next Internet Explorer (IE browser or whatever) and then at the address paste (ctrl + V)

2. Find and click on “Sign Up Today!”

3. Then, fill out the form correctly and follow it until the finish

Is it easy.. right??

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.