Military and Tactical Communications Solutions

military-communicationThe fast communication and accurate is required, especially in safety and security to be able to fast response actions first. Military communication products is a communication standard was recommended because technology communication used has tested and registered ISO9001 : 2000 therefore distance of communication and coordination can be done continuously.

Military and tactical communication products, systems, and networks including lightweight handsets, headsets, lapel microphones, radio systems, digital telephones, and vehicular loudspeakers have been used by the security unit such as Army, Marine Corp, Special Ops, Coast Guard, SWAT, police, border patrol and homeland security forces for coordination and communication.

CJ Components is registered ISO9001 : 2000 for “Manufacture, assembly and supply of audio, radio frequency communication system and wiring components with the permitted exclusion of design and development activity” by QAS, Inc. of Great Britain. And it is a one of leading supplier of secure voice and data communications products,systems, government communications, RF communications, broadcast communications, and wireless transmission network solutions including Tactical Audio Accessories to military, government, and commercial organizations as well as a complete inventory of tactical audio accessories that are built for the most demanding environments. Products are constructed with shatter resistant polycarbonate housing and other top of the line materials, built to be waterproof, highly enduring and reliable in extreme and tactical environments.


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