File Extension DOCX

When you find or receive a file with extension DOCX in your computer that is a file of ms office word document 2007, The file extension DOCX is the default format of new Microsoft Word 2007 text editor. The file extension DOCX is associated with Microsoft Word Office documents from 2007 (Office 12) on. The X has been added to the end to denote that the files are now in Open XML format.

For users of Microsoft Word for word processing user, they are probably familiar with the Word document file extension doc. Microsoft  Office 2007 changed the default file extension of Word from the well-known file extension doc to docx. Previous file formats such as file extension doc were binary file formats, while file extension docx is based on Open XML format, developed by Microsoft. (Cybernet News) The extension docx file format is a “combination of XML architecture and ZIP compression for size reduction.” (Filext) The benefits of the new .docx file format are claimed to include better interoperability between users of multiple computer platforms, smaller file sizes and improved data management and recovery. “Any application that supports XML can access and work with data in the new file format. This application does not need to be part of the Microsoft Office system or even a Microsoft product.” (Technet Microsoft).microsoft-office-2007

When opening files with format DOCX, users are required to have installed the following programs: on the Windows operating system, users can use Oxygen Office Professional, Panergy docXConverter, Microsoft Word 2007, Word 2000 and 2003. On the Mac operating system, users can open files with the DOCX file format on Apple Pages, Microsoft Word 2008 and Panergy docXConverter. It is important to appropriately associate these files so as to avoid experiencing inappropriate association errors.

But if Windows can not open file extension docx, there might be corrupted or missing registry files within your system. Why Windows Can not Open File Extension Docx? A majority of the failures in DOCX file formats and most of the other file extensions are registry problems. To help, we strongly recommend you to run registry scan and Drivers Update to Fix Your Computer Problems.

Windows Registry is a key aspect of your Windows operating system that oversees the operation of Windows. Without a clean organized registry, your Windows system is vulnerable to corruption, freezing, and crashing.
Correcting the computer registry will correct a lot of your conflicts in DOCX file extensions.