Accelerate Internet Connection

More tips on the Internet Connection Speed in Win XP and Vista

internet-speedDid you know that during this Bandwit we use Windows 20%? To take back our bandwidth and faster connection do the following:

Click Start,then Run and type gpedit.msc

In the Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – click on the Network.

Click Qos Packet Scheduler – double click on the Bandwidth Limit Reservable.

Click Enabled Reservable bandwidth and change the setting to 0 (zero)% after that click Apply and OK.

Restart your computer.

Note: But it also all depends on connection speed with your own. This tips can accelerate connection if you use the OS of Windows XP and Vista.


Increase Bandwidth Internet for Windows

Basically OS Windows has been limited the bandwidth for internet connection as the rate of 20% from totally of bandwidth should be can maximum.

But if you want to increase of internet bandwidth in order to make fastest connection you can do by getting to cut down or to empty above bandwidth limited in order the windows can use there’s been bandwidth with over maximum

Follow the guide line in below

1. Click Start
2. Click Run
3. Type gpedit.msc
4. Then Click Ok
5. After in, Click Administrative Templates
6. And then Click Network
7. After opened Click QoS Packet scheduler
8. Then clik Limit Reservable Bandwidth
9. And after opened change the setting become Enable
10. and then change Bandwidth Limit become 0
11. Click Apply, ok
12. Then exit and Restart the computer

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